Are you working in a Toxic Work Environment ?

Since you happen to be here I believe you are somewhat intoxicated by the toxic work culture at your workplace and you wish to detox and relax yourself by finding out possible ways that could help &benefit. But seriously in the long run it is important to find out that Are you working in a Toxic Work Environment ?

Now you might be wondering that what new possible solution I might be able to offer, even though you might have made several sincere efforts to avoid such toxic work culture by reading all those material given by experts over the web and might also be thinking that for how long can this post keep you motivated and focused even though the toxic workplace remains the same entailing those worthless toxin contributors.

Mmm.. you know what??  You’re absolutely correct by that thought, and kudos for that right guess.

Firstly, awaken your inner self

Tips to overcome stress at work

Okay now let’s get serious and take on those troubling guys at workplace and lets discuss upon the tips to cope toxic office work culture, Harassment &bullying by being stronger and letting them be what they are, letting them stay where there are, letting them do what they are best at i.e. nothing for their entire lifetime coz we are going to take a flight to a better place with improved version of ourselves and with the lovely people that matter in our lives.

Firstly, I respect your feelings and the pain that you’re going through, but hey! This is our life and how can somebody else no matter what position he/she holds can impact it until I decide to open that door for them.

See I understand that reacting out rightly to the situations and people is not possible but we cannot be living this way either letting ourselves to suffer. We need a way out to manage ourselves in such situations, sometimes we are in anger and sometimes we are feeling low but acting out rightly in such state will only present our case to be weak.

Paying attention to those toxic talks and office politics would only mean to rate yourself on the similar scale on which these toxic people tend to rate you, even though you know yourself better, you are well aware of your strengths and potential, you know that you are something beyond their expectations.

And it’s completely correct on your part to keep your talented hidden self and your knowledge to your-self, why should they be so fortune and deserve to know that bright side of yours.

Keep that side of yours for the lovely people who acknowledge and embrace your talent and always help you to maintain your calm and keep you directed towards your goals.

You must understand keeping yourself healthy physically and mentally is your responsibility so there is a need to clearly define the boundaries that demarcate between your likes and dislikes.

Those critiques out there have a strategy to not let you succeed in your motives, consequently they resort to such ill practices in office. Believe you me they are in fact trying to cut down their competition by making you feel miserable and by letting you focus on their bogus statements, they are filled with great fear and misery they know that this is only they are good at, and if not why would they not have focused on upskilling themselves instead.

(Keep some stress buster small items on your office desk)

Tips to cope toxic office work culture, Harassment & bullying:

Tips to overcome stress at work
  • Understand that the behavior of everybody cannot be controlled and you cannot go after everybody fighting for everything, so first of all try and minimize your interaction with these disturbing elements to maintain your calm, try and communicate through mediums other than in person interaction may be you could communicate the office work through emails or alike mediums.
  • Try not engage yourself in office talks that are against these said elements this will give them less reasons to target you.
  • Identify and focus on things that you like to do in life and spend time in thinking that what next can be done to take it to another higher level, ignoring all those toxic talks around you, as in the end it’ll be only your learnings, skills that would last long and would raise high you in life and you’ll see yourself directed and working in that direction.
  • Identify your personality type -May be your nice friends at office could help you with that and ask them about what they feel about your strengths and improvement areas, but at the first don’t just forget to list down your strengths and weaknesses well known to you, and may be you could gain a more meaningful insights over your real strengths and workable areas through a brief comparison done with this techniques and the uncommon thoughts could be ignored for now. Also read: Find out your personality type
  • Assess yourself periodically that to what extent you’ve moved ahead in developing your skills or to what level you’ve reached closer to your likes as this would be the ultimate factor that would no longer let you be bothered by the futile happenings around you in office, understand that once you’ve mastered a skill all those critiques out there would want to follow or praise you.
  • Apart from learning and building on new skills, there is also a need to undertake a physical activity of any kind such as cycling, swimming, doing yoga, running or anything that relaxes your mind and helps to tame it or you can try and practice my personally developed technique i.e. Instincts writing- A soothing therapy.

Finally, it’s your life story so don’t let somebody else be the hero, take charge of your life and being acceptable to each and every one out there is not necessary the best approach is to rejoice yourself and pursue your will don’t somebody else spoil your mood and your life, grow in life and move ahead let them do what they are good at and that is nothing.

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