Kasol Parvati Valley- Beautiful Mini Israel of India in Himachal Pradesh

Kasol is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited in my life in Himachal Pradesh, it is also known as mini Israel of India because of a high percentage of Israeli tourists in this place.

This divine town offers a whole lot of reasons to plan a short vacation to this place such as – serene valleys, unprecedented adventures with nature, divine rivers, hot water springs, famous religious places, some cool restaurants offering a variety of cuisines and a lot more.

Kasol is a small town in district Kullu of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, it is situated on the banks of divine Parvati River that flows through the Parvati valley and is one the most preferred budgeted tourist attraction places in Himachal Pradesh.

Amid the beautiful great Himalayan landscapes entailing tall standing pine trees amid whistling cool breeze- blowing down from the glaciers and a charming riverside view with bonfire “on” makes this place a perfect vacation spot away from the obstreperous city life.

The serene view of the valley not only appeals to one’s heart but also calms and soothes one’s mind along with undertaking various adventures such as climbing and trekking on ice capped mountains or by rafting in the divine Parvati River for a thrilling life time experience.

Things to do in Kasol?

  • Camping by the riverside
  • Bonfire
  • Trekking/ Mountaineering
  • River rafting
  • Sightseeing
  • Hot water springs
  • Visiting famous religious places

Places to visit in Kasol:


One can trek to Kheeganga by covering a distance of 12 Kms from the base i.e. Barshaini or Rudra Nag waterfalls and can enjoy the nature at its best in the laps of Great Himalayas and take a dip in the holy hot water spring originating from the within the crust of the earth. This hot water spring is truly a blessing for all the trekkers that reach Kheerganga after a tiring and a long trek, merely a dip in this hot water spring will not only relax your body but will also re-energize it.

After a long and soothing dip in this holy hot water spring you can rejuvenate yourself by feeding your hunger by eating vegetable maggi, parantha and tea cooked in desi style in the local shops while gazing at the ice caped mountains.

Also do not forget to carry enough cash with you while making a march to Kheerganga because of limited or no network availability at such an high altitude that makes the mode of digital payments almost impossible. You will need cash to rent a tent for a night stay and also for to purchase eatables on top. I would recommend you to carry at-least Rs. 4-5K/person however your expense would be much lesser than this but just keep it to be on a safer side.        

Tosh Village Trek

Tosh is a small beautiful village that is best known for its lush green valleys, beautiful flora and fauna, waterfalls, ice-capped mountains and deep gorges. Tosh village is located in the outers of Parvati Valley at a height of 7874 Ft. and you will fall in love with the scenic beauty that this place offers.

The people in tosh village are very hospitable and welcoming and always make an attempt to delight the tourist with their polite behavior and serviceability.

The trek to this mesmerizing place is only of 2.5 kms from the base point i.e. Barshaini that is 22 Kms away from Kasol and you will come across beautiful waterfalls during your trek to this place and also come across soothing sounds of nature and splendid scenic mountain beauty.

Believe me you will fall in love with this place and would wish to stay here forever.

Again, do not forget to carry enough cash with you to be able to rent a tent or buy mouthwatering delicious food here, there are a plenty of food joints on the way to village Tosh where you can simply sit and order food of your choice while gazing at beautiful waterfalls or ice capped mountains, or lush green valleys while listening to your favorite songs with your group, also do not forget to take a portable speaker along with you so that you do not miss out on any natural feel in the absence of your favorite music.

Malana Village

Malana village is truly a blessing on earth and a visual treat to one’s eyes, it is a small hamlet in Himachal Pradesh that has self-isolated it from the rest of the world.

Malana village is a one of a kind ancient village that is very well known for its spellbinding terrains and distinct culture that one must experience in his life. This village is also reffered to as little Greece of India. This ancient village is shadowed by peaks of chanderkhani and Deo tibba.

The inhabitants of this village have their own customs and traditions and consider themselves as separate entities from the other parts of the country. The outsiders in this village are prohibited from touching the religious monuments or the local residents of this place else a heavy penalty is imposed if the laid laws are not complied with.

This village is also known to have one of the oldest democracies in the world and even have a separate judiciary system. The language spoken here is Kanashi that is very different from the dialect prevalent in the neighboring areas.

The local legends believe that Jamlu rishi (sage) inhabited this place and made rules and regulations for this place that are religiously followed even now by the villagers.

The villagers also claim to be decendants of Greek soldiers of Alexander’s army as some of his soldiers took refuge in this remote land and settled there permanently.

Though the tourist are not allowed to stay inside the village as per the law of their land however they can stay outside the village in cafes like Marley Shed, Baba Cafe, Cafe Rudra and more.

To reach Malana village one will need to reach a place known as Jari which is 22 Kms away from Kasol and then hire a cab to Malana Taxi stand from there a trek of almost 2 Kms is needed to be covered to reach Malana Village,

Again, It is advisable to carry some extra cash with you it will definitely be a help as eatables, taxi fares and accommodation prices will have to be paid for in cash only.

How to reach Kasol:

If you wish to visit Kasol for a vacation and enjoy this lifetime experience you can reach Kasol either by driving your own car, or by riding on a bus, or can even reach Kullu by catching a flight from New Delhi or Chandigarh.

By Road:

Kasol is approximately 280 Kms away from Chandigarh which means a drive of 8 hours by car.

Kasol is approximately 520 Kms away from Delhi which means a drive of 13 hours by car.

By Flight:

Kullu is approximately 366 Kms (Aerial Distance) away from Delhi which means a flight of 1.15 hours.

Kullu is approximately 137 Kms (Aerial Distance) away from Chandigarh which means a flight of 45 mins.

Upon reaching Kullu by flight one can further reach Kasol by riding on a bus or can even hire a cab, which will take around 1.30 hours to cover a distance of approximate 40 Kms.

Here is a brief glimpse of my visit hope you’ll enjoy :

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