Latest Global & Apparel Market Trends December’23

The Latest Global & Apparel Market Trends presents a complex landscape affected by various factors such as crude prices, supply chain disruptions, consumer confidence, inflation data, retail trade, and apparel imports and pricing trends.

This comprehensive analysis delves into the key indicators impacting the global market.

1. Crude Prices Analysis

Ongoing Disruptions

The current disruptions in the Red Sea/Suez Canal Zone have led to an upward trend in crude prices, inching closer towards $80/barrel.

Non-OPEC+ Nations

However, the global crude prices are less likely to reach $100/barrel near in 2024, as the non- Opec+ nations (Brazil, Guyana, Canada & Norway) have increased their production & supplies in the market.

2. Supply Chain Disruptions Impact

Global Supply chains are stressed once again, owing to the ongoing disruptions at the Red Sea & Suez Canal.

Freight Charges

The ongoing disruptions at the Red Sea and Suez Canal have resulted in a 40% increase in voyage distance towards the Cape of Good Hope, leading to potential hikes in freight charges.

Export Impact

Indian exporters could face a surge of 25-30% in freight charges over consignments destined to Africa & Europe, impacting India’s Q4 exports significantly.

3. Consumer Confidence Analysis


The Consumer Confidence Index in the USA improved to 102 in Nov’23, indicating an upward trend in consumer confidence.


In the EU, the index improved to -16.9 in Nov’23, signifying a positive shift in consumer confidence.


The UK exhibited improved consumer confidence, rising to 97.8 in Nov’23.


In Japan consumer confidence improved to 36.1 in Nov’23 from 35.7 in Oct’23.


In Australia consumer confidence improved to 82.10 in Nov’23 from 79.9 in Oct’23.

4. Inflation Data Analysis

United States

The US inflation rate eased to 3.1% in Nov’23, indicating progress towards the Federal Bank’s target of 2%.

Euro Area

In the Euro Area, the annual inflation rate decreased to 2.6% in Nov’23 from 2.9% in Oct’23.

United Kingdom

Annual inflation growth in the UK fell to 3.9% in Nov’23 from 4.6% in Oct’23.


Japan experienced a slowdown in the annual inflation growth rate to 2.8% in Nov’23 compared to 3.3% in Oct’23.

5. Retail Trade Analysis

United States:

According to the National Retail Federation in the USA, retail sales rose impressively by 0.3% in Nov’23, indicating resilience in consumer consumption despite higher interest rates.

Apparel retail sales and clothing and accessories sales also exhibited positive trends.

The apparel retail sales in the US was up by 0.6% on YoY basis, also the clothing and accessories sales were reported to be high by 0.87% on MoM basis in November’23.

United Kingdom:

According to Office for National Statistics, UK

The Office for National Statistics in the UK reported an estimated 1.3% increase in retail sales in Nov’23, with clothing stores experiencing a boost in sales due to increased Christmas spending.

Clothing Stores reported a 1.3% increase in Nov’23, the increased Christmas spending in Nov’23 is expected to have provided stimulus to the usual Nov’23 sales.

6. Apparel Imports

US Textiles & Apparel Imports

Imports dropped by 21.4% to $90 Bn in the Jan-Oct’23 period.

UK Clothing Imports

Imports declined by 38% to £1.47 Bn in Oct’23.

Japan Clothing Imports

Japan witnessed a 13% decline in clothing imports in Oct’23 compared to Sep’23, amounting to 139 Bn yen.

Australia Clothing Imports

Clothing Imports declined by 4.9% in Oct’23 from Sep’23.

7. Apparel Retail Price Trends

US- US retail prices for apparel slightly increased by 0.2%, contrasting previous months’ declines.

Europe– Clothing & footwear prices in Europe increased by 0.4% in Nov’23 on M-o-M basis and 1.8% on YoY basis.

United Kingdom– The textile, apparel & leather product prices were up by 1.2% in Nov’23 from Oct’23.

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Source: Fibertofashion/NRF/Office for National Statistics

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