How did Big Eyes(BIG) Crypto Coin become the game changer for the world?-Raises $3.3 Million

With the advent of Ethereum Cryptocurrency a new era had begun in the crypto world.

The various cryptocurrencies or DeFi projects had been just made for the payment purposes or for diverse forms of transaction and investment purposes as it was the case in Bitcoin (BTC), but then Ethereum (ETH) became the game changer in the Crypto world where it made room for clever contracts and introduced the decentralized packages.

Many popular cryptocurrencies adopted the Ethereum’s (ETH) blockchain network to create various structures to further explore the potential of the blockchain technology. A classic example is of Decentraland (MANA) that uses the metaverse space to create a critical virtual meeting place where the customers can meet, interact and own properties and assets. Decentraland does not run on its own independent blockchain instead it used Ethereum blockchain to store and verify information about the Land ownership and other contents.

Big Eyes (BIG) is a newly inducted coin in the crypto world but it is still in its presale phase. It allows and supports its holders to procure the NFT assets with a prime goal to mobilize their wealth to the DeFi environment through NFTs.

How did Big Eyes(BIG) Crypto Coin become the game changer for the world?

Recently Big Eyes (BIG) has recently reached its third stage presale and had raised over $3.3 million and this project has become an exciting one. Presently if we talk about the meme coins Shiba Inu is dominating the crypto market but Big Eyes project is going to be a big project in the future because of its distinctive characteristics which we will discuss in the below blog.

Big Eyes (BIG) gives more importance in offering value to its community members over offering multiple uses features. It aims to bring a positive change in the crypto space.

Big Eyes (BIG) aims to transform the crypto world by mobilizing the wealth of its community members to the DeFi ecosystem.

The Big Eyes(BIG) $250K giveaway for its 10 Lucky holders

The Big Eyes(BIG) $250K giveaway for its 10 Lucky holders

Big Eyes (BIG) is meme coin but its popularity is massive right from the beginning. Mostly it is being appreciated because of its good work done for its community members. It has raised money for education through upholding a challenge to donate $10 for every retweet that it would get on that particular tweet for 2 days until $10k retweets had been achieved, this amount was raised for the Luna children.

Big Eyes (BIG) is holding a $250k giveaway to its 10 lucky winners. But there is a laid criteria to win this offer which includes having at least $250 worth of Big Eyes (BIG) coins along with filling out a form.

This contest isn’t the first in the Big Eyes community, also you can join their community to enter into this competition. This competition has already had over 60K+ participants, but you can still be a part of it.

How to become a part of Big Eyes(BIG) $250K giveaway project?

How to become a part of Big Eyes(BIG) $250K giveaway project?

To become a part of this competition, first you need to become a part of the Big Eyes (BIG) Twitter community and share the post and have at least $100 worth of the tokens.

And If by any chance you get drawn as part of the 10 lucky winners, you ought to have at least $100 worth of Big Eyes (BIG) coin on the date of the draw.

The Big Eyes (BIG) competition and rewards mechanisms requires holding of a certain worth of the Big Eyes (BIG) coins. This mechanism helps in more presale purchases that increased the value of the presold coins.

Big Eyes (BIG) has already had an incredible presale history, that has gathered around $2.51 Mn so far, and its second presale phase is too gradually selling out.

The competition & reward mechanism will call out for more adoption of this coin, and this is good news not only for the Big Eyes team but for all the world.

Why you should invest in Big Eyes(BIG) meme coin in 2022?

Why you should invest in Big Eyes(BIG) meme coin in 2022?

If you are amongst the group of those lucky people, you’ve purchased the Big Eyes (BIG) coin during the presale phase, this increased support and popularity will help your holdings price to rise in value. This is because the second stage of the token presale sells out faster, and a 25% increase in token presale price occurs, making your holdings more valuable. 

The high adoption rate will also contribute to the popularity of the token, which gives a high potential for market success when it launches. Therefore, the likely chances of Big Eyes project becoming a bigger project in the future is big in the long run. A successful presale also means that there will be more rewards and incentives in the various form of airdrops and giveaways without a contest. 

As discussed earlier as well Big Eyes (BIG) is also popular for its charity actions, and it is evident that the more this project becomes successful the more the charity events will grow in magnitude. Therefore, this makes participation in the contest does good for both the community members as well as the society at large.

The Future of Big Eyes(BIG) Crypto coin

Big Eyes (BIG) project aims to grow its crypto community in the different phases. Therefore, it will have more than 50000 active members who will collaborate to govern the Big Eyes project and to take it to new heights.

Big Eyes(BIG) coin will be listed on Uniswap decentralized exchange soon. Thus, it will be more accessible to the users on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, Big Eyes will launch its own crypto swap platform. This swap platform will have multi-chain integration mechanism to facilitate the crypto swaps across the blockchains in the crypto space. 

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Disclaimer: This blog is written for information purpose only. The investments in cryptocurrencies is subject to risks and also losses therefore please only invest after your detailed personal research on the subject is done. We do not promote any kind of cryptocurrency for the purpose of investments.

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