Spotify launched Wrapped 2022, which will include a ‘listening personality’ test in addition to your favorite music.

The highly anticipated year-end personalized summary experience for users is the centerpiece of Spotify’s 2022 Wrapped campaign/ Spotify launched Wrapped 2022 which was also revealed along with the platform’s top artists, songs, albums, and podcasts of the year.

Bad Bunny, who was the most streamed artist globally on Spotify for the third year running, was once again in the lead. More than 18.5 billion Spotify listens have been made of the Puerto Rican rapper and singer’s songs so far this year, and his album “Un Verano Sin Ti” is the most streamed album of the year globally.

Spotify is recognizing Bad Bunny’s success through a number of Wrapped 2022 campaigns, such as billboards and posters posted on the streets of several cities asking people to perform a word search to uncover the most streamed artist. The heart icon on one of Bad Bunny’s songs will change from Spotify’s traditional green heart to the character’s recognizable red heart when users like or tap it over the course of the coming week.

Repeating from 2021, Taylor Swift was the second-most streamed musician on Spotify overall (and the most streamed female artist of the year). Given that it was released less than six weeks ago on October 21, her album “Midnights” achieved the No. 4 position on the list of the most streamed albums in the United States. Swift is also Spotify’s most-shared artist of the year, which means that people most often share her music on social media.

The next three most streamed artists internationally on Spotify in 2022 were BTS, Drake, and The Weeknd.

With more than 1.6 billion streams internationally this year, Harry Styles’ smash song “As It Was” was Spotify’s most streamed song of 2022. “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals and, for the second year in a row, “Stay (featuring Justin Bieber)” by the Kid Laroi are in second and third place, respectively. Me Porto Bonito and “Tit Me Preguntó,” both by Bad Bunny, are in the fourth and fifth positions, respectively. (See more Spotify Wrapped 2022 rankings below.)

The “Joe Rogan Experience,” which is only available on the audio platform, was Spotify’s most popular podcast in 2022, just as it was in 2021 (read more about Spotify’s top podcasts of the year).

Additionally, Spotify introduced its Wrapped creator platform for podcasters and musicians, which offers custom Wrapped microsites that enable producers to discover how fans have consumed their material throughout 2018.

Eligible Spotify customers can receive their customized 2022 Wrapped experience beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 30, only through the mobile app (available for iOS and Android) on the Wrapped hub. You may get more information at

This year’s Wrapped brings back some of its most popular features, including the ability to display a user’s top artists, genres, songs, podcasts, and listening minutes. For 2022, Spotify has added new features, which include:

Your Listening Personality: Based on users’ listening patterns from 2022, Wrapped will display to users which of the 16 “Listening Personality” categories they are most similar to.

Expanded Your Artist Comments: Wrapped published gratitude letters from over 100 artists in 2021. More than 40,000 artists, including Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, J Balvin, Pusha T, Shania Twain, and Mneskin, have added messages to Spotify this year. With the Your Artist Messages, qualified fans will receive a customized video feed in 2022 that includes thank-you messages from some of their favorite artists, followed

An interactive story called Audio Day lets you see how your musical preferences change over the course of the day.

Artist merchandise and live events: In addition to editorial and personalized playlists, Spotify’s Wrapped hub will list upcoming live events as well as merchandise from your favorite artists.

More sharing options: Fans this year can share their Wrapped cards on WhatsApp and Line, as well as unlock a personalized Snapchat lens that reflects their Listening Personality and access special Wrapped-themed apparel for Bitmoji. Spotify also is launching custom Wrapped-themed GIFs across all Giphy partners.

Spotify launched Wrapped 2022

Spotify has a wide range of musicians

The top musicians, songs, albums, and podcasts from around the world were also highlighted by Spotify:

Most-Streamed Artists Worldwide: The Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny grabbed the top spot for most-streamed artists internationally this year with more than 18.5 billion streams, making him the first artist to top Spotify’s most-streamed artist list three years in a row. Taylor Swift, the most streamed female artist of the year, is the second most popular artist, followed by Drake (#3), The Weeknd (#4), and BTS (#5).

Most-Streamed Global Songs: With more than 1.6 billion streams worldwide this year, Harry Styles’ international hit “As It Was” is the most-streamed song of 2022. “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals (#2) and “STAY (featuring Justin Bieber)” by The Kid LAROI (#3) are in the second and third positions, respectively. Bad Bunny takes the fourth and fifth places on the list with “Me Porto Bonito” (#4) and “Tit Me Preguntó” (#5).
Un Verano Sin Ti, the first album by most-streamed artist Bad Bunny, comes in first place on the list of most-streamed albums globally, followed by Harry Styles’ third studio album, Harry’s House, at number two. The top three songs this year are SOUR by Olivia Rodrigo, #4 is Ed Sheeran’s =, and #5 is Doja Cat’s Planet.

Most Shared Artists: Taylor Swift is the musician whose music is most commonly shared from Spotify to social media platforms when it comes to sharing. The Weeknd is ranked number two, and Bad Bunny is ranked third. BTS is the fourth-most popular musician, while Lana Del Rey completes the top 5.
The song with the most lyrics shared worldwide is “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals, followed by “Heather” by Conan Gray at number two. The Walters’ “I Love You So” is ranked thi`rd. The final two songs in the top five are “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane and “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey.

Most Popular Podcasts: The Joe Rogan Experience (#1) is the most downloaded podcast worldwide for the entire year. Call Her Daddy (#2) and Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain (#3) are in second and third place, respectively, and are followed by thriller/crime shows like Caso 63 (All Languages, #4), and Crime Junkie (#5).

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