The metaverse space of Shiba Inu- Shibaverse

Recently the famous cryptocurrency Shiba Inu’s community members launched their first ever The metaverse space of Shiba Inu- Shibaverse.

A 47 page entailing *White paper document was launched for the first time by this community and that contains all the details about this metaverse project such as:

  • What is the motivation behind the project?
  • Who are the community members behind this project?
  • What are the growth prospects?
  • What makes this project unique?
  • What are the Goals of Shibaverse?
  • How will the Shibaverse look like?
  • What are the assets of Shibaverse?
  • What is the Business Model of Shibaverse?
  • Interaction, photorealism & Motion
  • The Roadmap of the project
  • Risks
  • How to support the project?
  • Shibaverse Team
  • And useful information over the project

(*White Paper: It is a document released by a crypto project that gives the investors technical information about the concept and a roadmap for that how will it grown and succeed.)

The metaverse space of Shiba Inu- Shibaverse explained in Easy:

 The metaverse space of Shiba Inu- Shibaverse explained in Easy

Shibaverse is the metaverse project of the Shiba Inu community that contains social, educational and entertainment styled aspects. Its aim is to create a decentralized virtual reality platform on blockchain that will host many interactive aspects such as events, gaming and work opportunities in an attractive digital environment that can be roamed around freely.

As per the community the rise of GameFi (Gamefinance) in association with the Defi(decentralized finance) and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) with play to earn blockchain based models, creating a community driven metaverse for people by the people was not so difficult and a unique thing, but they believe that virtual reality will be the foundation of all our means such as communication, traveling, organization, social platform etc. in the future that is not so distant.

In view of this fact an interactive and a modern Virtual reality metaverse for the crypto enthusiasts was imperative to be found and made.

In the Shibaverse the users can own their own real estate properties and other assets in the form of NFTs and can live and enjoy their lives in the metaverse as per their ease and also express themselves as per their interests in an innovative manner.

Who created Shiba Inu and the motivation behind it?

Who created Shiba Inu and the motivation behind it?

The Shiba Inu community respects the cultural diversities amongst the human race and believes that all of us seek happiness and prosperity no matter who we are? We share a common impulse of achieving financial freedom and helping others who are less fortunate.

The community is highly motivated and encouraged by the thoughts of the founder and creator of Shiba Inu crypto coin “Ryoshi” whose identity still remains anonymous like Satoshi Nakamoto– the creator of Bitcoin.

All the projects in the Shiba ecosystem remain aligned to the vision of Ryoshi that had been published on his blogposts.

Ryoshi created Shiba Inu coins in the year 2020 as a meme decentralized coin. It is believed that Ryoshi burned 50% of the Shiba coins to Vitalik Buterin-the co-founder of Ethereum, who further donated these coins in charity.

Ryoshi has also created LEASH-another cryptocurrency within the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

LEASH has limited existence i.e., only 100000 coins (as given over its website)

The majority of the work in the shiba ecosystem is done by the Shiba community.

One of the key personalities behind the announcements of the Shiba projects is Shytoshi Kusama the volunteer project lead, who makes all the key announcements like Shiba NFTs, upcoming Shiba game etc.

The motivation behind the Shibaverse

As listed earlier as well all the developments in the shiba ecosystem is aligned to the vision of the creator of Shiba Inu i.e., “Ryoshi”, similarly moving the like direction and being motivated by the Ryoshi’s belief i.e.,With Shiba, we have from the beginning made very clear that no-one is in charge. There is no man accountable, no person responsible and no entity has the keys to the kingdom.” a core team of 3 members belonging to the shiba community undertook the task of creating a digital meta space known as Shibaverse.

The core team members consists of 3 people having diverse educational background in blockchain , architecture, design and marketing, these people are not developers nor the administrators, they simply worked around Ryoshi’s vision of “decentralized sovereign entity and totality” for to create a better world.

These community members wish to create a space where the teenagers and children can find guidance and support that how to be financially secure while making the best out of the blockchain decentralized world- which is a unique place to create something new and learn.

The motivation behind the Shibaverse

The growth potential of the Shibaverse project?

As per the shiba inu community there is a huge growth potential in this metaverse project, where they have cited examples of Decentraland, Sandbox and Axie Infinity where growth has been exponential, if we see it in the present time.

The prices of the digital real estates in the metaverse have grown exponentially for example a plot of land in Decentraland Digital Real estate costed around $2000 in January’20 which nearly tripled in the month of March’20 $175000.

Decentraland has recored a record sale of $2.43 Million in cryptocurrency just by selling digital real estate, this virtual land will be used to host fashion shows virtually.

Sandbox has recorded a record sale of $4.3 Million in cryptocurrency just by selling digital real estate, making this the most expensive sale in the Metaverse presently.

Shibaverse will offer online gaming offers as well this offer more connectivity amongst the people and will entertain them as well.

What will make Shibaverse unique?

Shibaverse will promote contemporary modern designs where the urban spaces will be like present day architecture with photo-realistic panoramic depictions, this will make the shibaverse look more realistic.

There will be an element of fantasy and creativity where there will be balloon dogs- the balloon Shibas. There will be academies, art galleries and opportunities to learn and earn.

What will make Shibaverse unique?

What are the goals of Shibaverse?

  1. The first goal is to entertain and create financial opportunities for Shiba Token community.
  2. To educate the young generation

What will Shibaverse look like?

Shibaverse will contain Shibacity that would be its capital city.

Shibacity will begin to start with the Genesis district – the most prestigious district in the whole city, situated by the sea coast.

The next districts of Shibacity will represent its native platforms & the products of its ecosystem such as Shibarium (a district partly immersed under water), Shibaswap district etc. each being one-of-a-kind districts.

The shibaverse will contain shiba academy, events , virtual 3D art galleries created by its users, property/pet/accessories NFT marketplace, game challenges and many more.

The Genesis district- Where the metaverse will begin?

The shibaverse will begin with the Genesis district which is modelled and inspired by the coastal European cities. The district will be surrounded by woodlands and hills and many more. It will contain several public places such as green parks, streets etc.

What will Shibaverse look like?

VERSE token- ERC 20 utility token

In the Shibaverse VERSE token is a ERC 20 utility token that will be used to purchased real estate, land, play online games or to buy Shiba from the primary market.

(**ERC 20 is a technical standard for the tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain. It is used for creating and issuing smart contracts on the blockchain.)

Some of the popular ERC 20 tokens list are Chainlink(LINK), Tether(USDT), Shiba Inu(SHIB), Wrapped Bitcoin(WBTC) etc.

The white paper also suggests the Shibaverse enthusiasts to  hold VERSE in their wallets prior to any DAO (**Decentralized autonomous organization) rights being implemented as Shibaverse will be more of community driven project eventually.

(**Decentralized Autonomous Organization,” is a community-led entity with no central authority involved. It is autonomous and transparent where the smart contracts lay the foundational rules and execute the agreed upon decisions at any point, the proposals, voting, and even the code itself can be publicly audited.)

How to buy VERSE tokens- You can buy VERSE tokens very easily, by just clicking here.

For more detailed information you can read here in detail about the project.

Disclaimer: Investments in Cryptocurrencies is subject to risks which may result in losses as well, therefore please conduct a personal research or consult your financial consultant before investing in Cryptocurrencies, also the sole purpose of this blog is to impart knowledge and we do not promote investments in any sort of avenues or in any particular entity.

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