Best 4 inspirational books for college students in India

Best 4 inspirational books for college students in India

As they say that change is the only constant similarly abiding by the same belief, the emphasis of self-development needs to be well understood for one’s own survival and growth in today’s highly competitive era.

Changes are taking place rapidly around us be it in our personal or professional lives, and coping with them in an effective manner is an utmost need and escaping from these challenges is not an option. So in this post “Best 4 inspirational books for college students in India” you will come across one of the most valuable lessons containing books that will change your perception in life and for positive for sure.

This reminds me of famous lyrics from Eminem’s “Lose yourself” song i.e. “Success is only an option and failure’s not”. Yes, it is true that mostly changes are undesirable and they come along with a whole lot of challenges that usually push us out of our comfort zones, and believe you me coming out of our comfort zones is not an easy task but to grow and move ahead in life comfort zones needs to be challenged.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book” a famous quote by Ernest Hemingway, truly describes the importance of reading and to bring a positive change in life books are one of the best ways to begin with. Books are a great source of motivation and inspiration that guides one in a right direction when confronted by a crossroad and a great source of knowledge that offers potential solutions to many life and professional problems. Here we are going to talk about Best 4 inspirational books for college students in India, it is a perfect subject matter to begin with your reading habit and grow professionally.

Though inculcating a reading habit for some is really a cumbersome task, but reading something meaningful and of interest can help counter such problem.

It is also important to understand that choosing between the wide varieties of books for the right input is a great task, so as to ensure the right content is grasped for its subsequent implementation in practical world to derive maximum meaningful results.

Students are usually highly concerned about their careers and choices during their college days and are often misguided over the rightful content to read that could add value to their personality and could develop their skills so as to be better off during their job placements in future.

However, the students need to understand their areas of interest and their strengths and should build on those strengths so to have an edge over others in their area of interest.

For instance: The one having a good appetite over financial matters should focus on reading relevant books on financial planning &management, stock markets etc. to be able to command good practical hold over the financial aspects.

Apart from reading function or interest specific content one must also read books related to common areas of interest that might not contribute significantly towards one’s core but will definitely help in making personal life decisions such as how to manage personal finances, basics of Macro and Micro economy, basic knowledge over cooking, how to keep oneself healthy, content on how to maintain internal peace, moral, social &religious content and many more as per the need of demand.

Well now some of the above mentioned content might be of non-core to many and of core to many, but some way or the other people might still find a common area of interest among themselves to talk based on such information studied, to connect with one another, and all it takes to take things forward is being able to form a connection with people having varied personalities.

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Here are a set of 4 good books that are must read for Indian college students:

Rich Dad &Poor Dad

A must read book by Robert Kiyosaki, which entails pieces of wisdom from a rich dad and a poor dad and what aspects and perspectives of money they share with their children that forms their future courses of action. This book completely transforms your traditional mindset of money management and your perspective over income, finance &success.

The Alchemist

Being international best seller from past 25 years and written by Paulo Coelho, this book is truly a one of a kind book that entails a story of a shepherd who wished to gather entire wealth of the world and upon his success after so many difficulties, how he realized that what he searched for was already his. This book completely transforms one’s mindset about life and helps one to overcome his/her fears of life. This book is a must read for people who doubt their path to success.

Think &Grow rich

Being one of the finest researches of author Napolean Hill and one of the biggest international best seller, Think and Grow Rich entails the universal laws of successful people that have been developed after a research over more than 500 successful people for a period over 20 years. This book is a must read for people who wish to have a focused approach over important ideas to succeed in life.

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

This book has been written by Joseph Murphy, that describes various scientific principles that enables one to train its sub conscious mind and gain maximum utilisation out of it that has a significant impact over our behavior, thoughts and actions. This book is my personal recommendation to students to bring a significant positive impact in their lives.

Reading meaningful content on a continuous basis offers numerous benefits as it keeps our mind channelized in the right direction and keeps us motivated to pursue our goals in life and lay our sincere and dedicated efforts towards their achievement.

Reading not only helps in widening our thinking horizon but also at times offer probable solutions to many issues that we may face.

One of the best way for self-development is to read meaningful content that introduces us to many new aspects and facets of life which we might not have even thought of, this enables us to grow in life by taking various requisite actions and making necessary plans in advance.

So, Keep reading keep growing.

Please share your views with us at, and let us know about various other self-development books that we might be able to share with others for their benefit.

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