Tricks I followed to earn my first $110 with my blog

You too can earn $100 from your blog by following these steps 

Do you have a blog? if yes? then you too can earn $100 from your blog.

You need to have Ad-sense approved on your blog for earning dollars

Once Ad-sense is approved you are half way there already

Your earning will depend on how many clicks are generated on the ads placed on your blog by google

The more visitors click on the ads on your blog the more earnings will be generated.

Google will release your payment only when the threshold level of $100 is reached.

Google usually releases the payment by  by 21-22 of every month.

You can initially refer your blog to friends and family so that they can promote your blog.

If the content of your blog is good and the traffic is also good then at the maximum you can  start earning within 2 months from Ad-sense approval.

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