Space travel is defined as any air travel beyond 50 or 60 miles above sea level.

Few organizations believe Kármán line—which is 60 miles to be the edge of the Earth's atmosphere.

Whereas, FAA and NASA define everything above 50 miles to be "outer space." 

Whenever space travel is booked it is either Orbital space travel or Suborbital space travel.

In this the spacecraft is travels around the planet with great speed to avoid falling back to Earth.

Orbital space travel

Suborbital space travel

In this  people are taken into space and are returned back to Earth at a  a slower speed than orbital travel.

Space travel Companies

1. SpaceX 2. Blue Origin 3. Virgin Galactic

1. SpaceX- Founded by Elon Musk and charters private orbital flights in its Dragon spacecraft.  

2. Blue Origin - Founded by Amazon's Jeff Bezoz and offers space tourism.

2. Virgin Galactic - Founded by Richard Branson is planning to start its operations by next year.

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