Sega accidentally  shared a new advertisement and release date for sonic frontiers

There is already a huge hype around Sonic Frontiers and its brand new trailer, which was to launch today at Gamescom 2022 

It's marketing team in Japan has accidentally leaked an important piece of information about today’s show. 

A Japanese ad was recently shared for Sonic Frontiers on YouTube, which reveals the official release date of the game at the end. 

The teaser indicates that Sonic Frontiers will be available on November 8, 2022. 

Unfortunately the teaser has been turned into private video soon after the leak.

Although it still needs an official confirmation from tonight’s new trailer, it will almost certainly launch on the leaked date. 

After the underwhelming performance of Sonic Forces back in 2017, the Sonic Team seeks to deliver a new adventure for the fans.

Earlier the game was to launch in 2021 but it was delayed to make it better for its users

check out the new trailer for Sonic Frontiers when the Opening Night Live showcase goes live at 2 pm ET/6 pm UTC today 

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