Japan government has  urged its youth to promote drinking amongst its peers.

Japan government has appealed youth aged 20 to 39 to find innovative ways to promote drinking.

"Sake Viva!" campaign is upheld to create demand for Japanese sake (rice wine), shochu, whisky, beer or wine and help boost the industry. 

Japan government's tax revenues from alcohol sale has dropped miserably over the decade. 

In 1995 an average adult in Japan drank around 100 ltr/yr which had dropped to 75 ltr/yr in 2020

The tax revenues have also dropped from 5% in 1980 to 1.7% in 2020.

The campaign is inviting ideas to how to promote drinking habits amongst the youth to boost sales.

The campaign is open for everybody across all the countries till 9th September'22

The final presentation will take place in Tokyo in November'22

The alcohol consumption had dropped in Japan during the covid where spending habits of adults changed.

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