Some interesting facts about Indian Stock market 2022

As per SEBI’s Data (published on Jan’20) there are 9 stock exchanges in India of which few are permanent and active.

1. Bombay Stock Exchange 2. National Stock Exchange 3. Multi commodity Exchange 4. National Commodity & Derivative Exchange 5. India International Exchange  6. NSE IFSC 7. Indian Commodity Exchange 8. Calcutta Stock Exchange 9. Metropolitan Stock Exchange

Bombay Stock Exchange National Stock Exchange Multi commodity Exchange

Major Stock Exchanges of India 

1. Bombay Stock Exchange

Oldest stock exchange of Asia

Founded in 1875 in Mumbai

5439 Companies listed

Indices: BSE SENSEX S&P BSE SmallCap S&P BSE MidCap S&P BSE LargeCap BSE 500

2. National Stock Exchange

Leading stock exchange of India

Founded in 1992 in Mumbai

2002 Companies Listed

Indices: NIFTY50 NIFTY Next 50 NIFTY500

3. Multi Commodity Exchange

India's leading commodity exchange

Founded in 2003 in Mumbai

Owned by Ministry of Finance

Trades in Commodity derivatives

Top 6 Global Stock Markets By Market Capitalization

USA - US$119 trillion

China - US$50.99 trillion

Japan - US$7.37 trillion

Hong Kong - US$6.41 trillion

UK - US$3.66 trillion

India - US$3.44 trillion

Total No. of  Demat Holders in India

2018-19 - 3.59 Crore

2019-20 - 4.09 Crore

2020-21 - 5.51 Crore

2021-22 - 7.38 Crore  (till Oct'21)

Top 5 Companies by Market Cap-NSE& BSE

Reliance- INR 17.7 Lac crore

TCS- INR 14.68 Lac Crore

HDFC Bank- INR 8.57 Lac Crore

Infosys- INR 8.10 Lac Crore

ICICI Bank- INR 5.68 Lac Crore

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