Few hidden browser games online: Simply search for these Google terms on internet

There are few games that you will like to play during your free time over the browser

Anybody who has a less reliable internet connection might be familiar with this game.

1. The Dinosaur Game

2. Quick Draw

Quick, Draw! is one of the most exciting browser games you'll love playing. Especially the kids. 

Atari Breakout, Pac-Man, and even oddballs like Minesweeper are all retro games.  Simply search for retro games on Google to play these games.

3. Retro Games

Simply ask Google Assistant for games to play. You'll find many to choose from, both third-party and by Google. 

4. Google Assistant Games

If you have a Google Home display or any other Google smart speaker, you'll be able to play the guessing games, party games etc.

So which game will you play?

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