James Harden criticized Daryl Morey, who leads the 76ers.

Harden called Morey a liar and said he won't play for the team with him. 

The 76ers tried to trade Harden but couldn't, that made him unhappy.  

Harden wanted a bigger contract and is worried about the team's success.  

The 76ers still want him to play because they believe he and Joel Embiid can win a championship together. 

Harden shined with the Rockets when Morey led.  He joined the Nets and 76ers due to his liking for Morey.

He's unsure about staying in Philadelphia. As he's not the main player anymore, and the team did badly in the playoffs.

Ben Simmons faced the same,  He also wanted to leave & caused problems. He didn't play last season and was traded for Harden.

What do you think about James Harden's this move?