Golden opportunity?Bitcoin prices below $20K levels

The global crypto market cap has fallen to $902 Bn from its all time high of $3Tn in Nov'21

The global crypto market cap has fallen by more than 67% from its all time high of $3Tn in Nov'21

Stable coins are traded in max the volumes as it alone represents around 88% of the total traded volume on the crypto market.

Every crypto trader has placed its eyes on the bitcoin and its price lines around $20K levels.

The $20K price levels are significant  because it is a strong resistance level. It marks the peak of Bitcoin’s last bull run in December’17.

Bitcoin’s value has never fallen below its previous bull run’s peak, but this time the difference between its present value and the last bull run of Dec’17 is very less.

Experts believe that if Bitcoin falls below $20K levels there will massively buying pressure in the crypto market to buy a chunk of Bitcoins as its prospects in future is still bright.

Major Bitcoin High levels 9Apr'13 – $213 29Nov'13 – $1,242 18 Dec'13 – $19,498 26 June'19 – $12,907

Some experts believe that Bitcoin prices may fall below 80% from its all-time high level if the ongoing crisis situation continues to exist.

Investments in Bitcoins is a risky bet. Experts advise to only advise that amount that the investors are willing to risk i.e. around 5-10% of income only.

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