King Charles III is the first royal baby to be born at Buckingham Palace in the 20th century.

Queen Elizabeth was 22 when she gave birth to Charles Philip Arthur George on November 14, 1948 

king Charles III was  9 years old when he was officially  titled as Prince of Wales.

King Charles III Secret Service nickname was “Unicorn.“

King Charles and Lady Diana Spencer got married on Wednesday, 29 July 1981, at St Paul's Cathedral

King Charles and Lady Diana Spencer got divorced in the year 1997.

Sadly Princess Diana died in a car accident on 31st August 1997 in Paris

King charles and Princess Diana had 2 children Prince Williams and Prince Harry

King Charles got married to Camila Parker  on 9th April 2005 

One of his car runs on a biofuel made from surplus English wine 

He became the first heir of the Royal Family to earn a university degree in 1971. 

In 1980 Prince Charles wrote a children’s book titled The Old Man Of Lochnager.

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