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The blog familiarizes its readers with a variety of information on varied aspects such as basic knowledge of trending topics, health &wellness tips, gardening, healthy food recipes, professional growth tips, and poetry written based on the instincts of the author.

The author lives in a divine place that is surrounded by beautiful mountains, amid tall proud pine trees, the whispering divine rivers, where the flora and the fauna co-exist in a beautiful form and complement each other, and what to talk about the local residents, their simplicity, generosity, hospitability and hard work being their real defining factors. The place is indeed the land of Gods and yes you guessed it right it is Himachal Pradesh– a divine beautiful state in India. The author has earned his MBA in the marketing domain and is a working marketing professional that loves to interact with people and share his experiences, learning & self-created writings with all the visitors of this blog.

The purpose of the blog is to share information with its valuable readers over matters written by the author based on the personal research works of the same to benefit them and bring a positive change in their lives, which is confronted with no. of challenges and problems.

There is a sincere effort put in by the author to help and motivate the people to take positive action in their lives to grow themselves personally and professionally by learning new things, understanding oneself and building on their strengths and caring very little about their weaknesses, and moving on in their lives with a high level of optimism towards the attainment of their life goals.

This blog firmly believes in the notion that the tough times never last forever but tough people really do.

All the content written in this blog is free from any bias and does not support any sort of discrimination based on any aspect.

This blog respects the sentiments of all individuals and groups and does not intend to hurt the sentiments of anybody, if you tend to have any difference in opinion over the matter published please write to the author for further deliberation. But since we all have different opinions and belief systems let’s agree to disagree with dignity and accept one another’s viewpoints willingly.

We abide by the law and nothing is above the same therefore please refrain from posting any comments that are not conducive to the norms of the law or leads to build hatred or discrimination against anyone.

That’s all we have, for now, we respect you all and welcome you to this blog, please support us in our motive to spread motivation, entertainment, and information in this world.

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